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Spray Drying


Pumping the different liquid feed materials used in spray drying, which can vary widely in chemical content and physical properties, including the presence of suspended solids, is a challenge for many types of pump. The seal-less design of the Hydra-Cell pump is combined with the availability of a wide selection of liquid end materials. Together these features enable the pump to cope with the demands of the chemistry and abrasive nature of spray-dry liquids.

The combination enables the Hydra-Cell pump to handle virtually any liquid capable of being sprayed. It is the basis of the pump’s exceptionally reliable performance.

Absence of dynamic seals and other parts vulnerable to wear eliminates the most common cause of reduced efficiency in industrial pumps, enabling performance to be sustained throughout the working life of the Hydra-Cell pump.

Flow is virtually pulse-free flow (dampeners are rarely needed) allowing consistent and controllable droplet size for process optimisation and predictable quality of product. Smooth flow also helps to prevent ‘bearding’, the tendency for some products to build-up at the nozzle orifices.

Compared with traditional metering pumps, the Hydra-Cell has notably lower Life Cycle Costs – saving on the costs of acquisition, energy consumption, maintenance and repairs. High pumping efficiency lowers energy costs by allowing smaller, lower capacity motors to be used.

Its exceptionally compact, simple build also means that the Hydra-Cell pump requires far less installation space than a traditional metering pump of equivalent flow/pressure capability.

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